1 power clean + 2 hang squat cleans + 1 jerk

Format: 2017 IF3 World Championships Team Strength Test

Team: 2M + 2F

Rx Lift

  • 1x Squat Clean into 3x Thrusters

Scaled Lift

  • 1x Power Clean into 3x Squat to overhead


  • A team of 4 athletes will share a 15kg barbell
  • They will have 12 minutes for everyone on the team to hit a max lift
  • Once an attempt has been made at a weight, the barbell may not decrease from that weight
  • Score will be the heaviest succesful lift by each athlete

Workout Instructions

Rx Lift Standards

  • The bar begins from the ground and must pass through the front squat in one fluid motion 
  • The first squat clean into thruster counts as the first rep, and then must be followed by 2 more thrusters 
  • Once the set has begun the athlete may only break ‘overhead’ 

Scaled Lift Standards

  • The athlete may break after the power clean, and at any point during the lift – as long as the bar does not touch the ground
  • The athlete must pass through a front squat and then get the bar overhead – any way  


All 3 divisions will share a leaderboard. Completing a workout Rx will always rank you higher than those that complete it intermediate / scaled. Your rank will be based on your point total within your team’s division.

  • Rx
    • All 4 athletes complete the workout as Rx
  • (i) Intermediate 
    • 3/4 athletes complete the workout Rx 
    • 1/4 athletes completes the workout scaled
  • (s) Scaled
    • More than 1 athlete complete the workout scaled