12min: 1000m Row + 100 WB / Max Pullups

Format: 2017 IF3 World Championships Team Strength Test

Team: 2M + 2F

Rx Mixed Unbroken Relay

12 minute AMRAP 


  • 1,000m Row 
    • 250m per athlete 
  • 100 Wallballs (20/14 @ 10/9′) 
    • Unbroken sets of 20 

Max reps in remaining time: 

  • Chest to bar Pullups 
    • M: Unbroken sets of 10 CTB or 14 Rx 
    • F: Unbroken sets of 5 CTB or 10 Rx

Scaled Mixed Unbroken Relay

12 minute AMRAP 


  • 1,000m Row 
    • 250m per athlete 
  • 100 Wallballs (16/12 @ 10/9′) 
    • Unbroken sets of 14 

Max reps in remaining time: 

  • Pullups 
    • M: UB sets of 8 Rx or 12 Banded 
    • F: UB sets of 4 Rx or 8 Banded

Workout Instructions

Event Flow

  • Team: 2M + 2F
    • OR 3 Athletes (minmum 1 of each sex) 
  • First athlete will begin on the rower 
  • at ‘go’ the first athlete will row 250m, followed by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 
  • After the 4th athlete crosses 1,000m they must tag the next 1st athlete who may then begin the wallballs 
  • Athletes must continue in the same order
  • If an athlete cannot complete an unbroken set, they must complete a minimum of 1 rept attempt / completed before tagging the next in line
  • Once 100 wallballs have been completed the next athlete will begin on Chest to bar 
  • The athletes will continue in the same order completing unbroken sets of CTB pullups 

Movement Standards 

  • Unbroken Wallballs:
    • The athlete must be consistently moving with no more then one ‘breath’ break with ball in hand 
    • 2 ‘no-reps’ or 2 breaths in a row = broken set 
  • Unbroken Pullups:
    • As long as the athlete’s feet do not touch the ground the set is considered unbroken  


  • All pullup sets will count as the Rx count:
    • Ie: 8 Rx or 12 banded = 8 reps (regardless of which version is completed)
  • Athletes may be in the bands ready, but tagging between athletes is required

Other Notes

  • Teams may choose to utilize only 3 athletes for this event (minumum 1 member of each sex) 
  • An ‘attempted’ pullup requires the athlete to ‘kip’ on the bar and / or make an attempt at moving the body upward from a hand 
    • Banded does not require the athlete to get into a band 
  • Athletes may be in bands / ready to begin pullups, but must wait to be tagged to begin


All 3 divisions will share a leaderboard. Completing a workout Rx will always rank you higher than those that complete it intermediate / scaled. Your rank will be based on your point total within your team’s division.

  • Rx
    • All 4 athletes complete the workout as Rx
  • (i) Intermediate 
    • 3/4 athletes complete the workout Rx 
    • 1/4 athletes completes the workout scaled
  • (s) Scaled
    • More than 1 athlete complete the workout scaled

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