21 15 9 Ground to OH & Lunge

Format: Classic team of 4 FFL season workout 

Team: 2M + 2F

Rx Classic

2 teams of 1M + 1F 
For time, 12 min cap:


  • Synchro Ground to Overhead (95/65) 
  • Synchro Front Rack Lunge 

Scaled Classic

2 teams of 1M + 1F 
For time, 12 min cap:


  • Synchro Plate G2OH (45/25)
  • Synchro Overhead Lunge 


  • The first 2 athletes will complete 21 G2OH & 21 Lunges synchro, then the next 2 athletes will complete the same, followed by 15/15/ 9/9…
  • Synchro means the REPs must be in sync – not the movement
    • IE if athlete 1 does 3 reps and athlete 2 only does 2 reps it will only count as 2 reps 

Workout Instructions

Event Flow

  • At go, the first pair of 1M + 1F will begin the synchro ground to overhead movements 
  • note: synchro means that they will only get credit for completing the same number of reps before dropping the bar / plate – individual movements do not have to be synchronized 
  • The 2 athletes will complete 21-15-9 reps of both movements, upon completion the next pair of athletes will begin the 21 reps…
  • The first team to have both pairs complete all the reps wins 

Movement Standards

  • Ground to overhead
    • may be any style beginning with the bar or plate touching the ground & ending with it locked out at full extension overhead 
  • Front rack lunge
    • The bar will be in the front rack, the athlete will step forward or back and touch their knee to the ground, then return both feet to hip width and stand at full extension
    • these are done statinary, not walking 
  • Overhead Plate Lunge 
    • the plate must remain overhead, arms are not required to be locked out but the plate may not touch or go behind the athletes head


All 3 divisions will share a leaderboard. Completing a workout Rx will always rank you higher than those that complete it intermediate / scaled. Your rank will be based on your point total within your team’s division.

  • Rx
    • All 4 athletes complete the workout as Rx
  • (i) Intermediate 
    • 3/4 athletes complete the workout Rx 
    • 1/4 athletes completes the workout scaled
  • (s) Scaled
    • More than 1 athlete complete the workout scaled

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