AMRAP 10min: thrusters + box jump overs + deadlifts & rowing

Format: Classic team of 4 FFL season workout 

Team: 2M + 2F


1 athlete AMRAPS
1 athlete rows

10 min AMRAP & CAL

  • 20 thrusters
    • Rx: 95/65
    • Sc: 75/55
  • 20 box jump over
    • Rx: 24/20″
    • Sc: step allowed
  • 20 deadlifts
    • Rx: 145/95*
    • Sc: 125/85*
  • 20 box jump over

Alongside: Max calorie row

Score: reps + calories

* add 2x 25 lb plates / 15 lb plates


  • Teams will be in charge of adding / removing their own weights – no outside help allowed

Workout Instructions

Event Flow

  • At go, 1 athlete will begin rowing and one athlete will begin the thrusters
  • One athlete will work on the AMRAP while the other works on calories on the rower
  • Athletes may tag/switch in out in any order at any time
  • Athletes must TAG an athlete to change

Movement Standards

  • Thrusters
    • Front squat to overhead, any style is accepted
  • Box jump over
    • two foot take off, no hands touch the top of the box and no extension required
    • Scaled athletes may step over the box (still no hands on top)


All 3 divisions will share a leaderboard. Completing a workout Rx will always rank you higher than those that complete it intermediate / scaled. Your rank will be based on your point total within your team’s division.

  • Rx
    • All 4 athletes complete the workout as Rx
  • (i) Intermediate 
    • 3/4 athletes complete the workout Rx 
    • 1/4 athletes completes the workout scaled
  • (s) Scaled
    • More than 1 athlete complete the workout scaled

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