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Functional Fitness League YVR season updates. www.ranker.fit/yvr-details
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Ranker registration has been re-opened for stragglers as well as potential subs etc to get their scores in!

2 more teams finalizing their registration today from Overdrive & Iron Regime!

Week 1 match heat schedule now live on www.ranker.fit

All teams will come together - so match will take a bit longer than initially planned, but subsequent weeks teams will be seeded and run in 2x 90 minute blocks.
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Do subs have to complete the ranker?
- Yes - ranker registration has been re-opened!
This can be completed AFTER week 1 - but must be done to be eligible to stay on the teams roster

How will scoring work / which version of the workout do we do?
- Each workout has 2 variations (scaled & Rx) but 3 options for scores
- If a Div II team cannot field 4 athletes who can complete it Rx - they may have ONE athlete complete the workout scaled, and their score will be submitted as (i) intermediate
- All divisions will share a leaderboard / points, but you will only technically be competing against the teams in your division for placing

How many athletes can do the workouts?
- Your roster has a total of 8 athletes, but you may only utilize 6 different athletes for any given match.
- Please ensure your roster is correct on the season base > athletes > team roster

Why is competition corner talking about submitting scores?
- We are managing the event as an 'online competition' in CC as that's more suited to matches at multiple locations over extended periods etc. So we apogize for any notifications from the system that may be confusing! We will be tracking & entering all your scores for you :)

Season Shirts
- We have a variety of shirts & colors available, for those that haven't already got the classic white & red you'll be getting those, and we have multiple other color options (including socks) for those who already have the white! They'll be at match 1!
Apologies if you got multiple CC emails re: events - we were just updating back end stuff for workouts didn't know it would do that!
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2020 YVR S1 W1 - Schedule.pdf
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Heat schedule has been updated so we can wrap things up a bit earlier!

Event dates were listed as dec 1 2020 - sorry! The times were correct and events have been update. New docs will be posted shortly.

We also updated the labelling of the pools (A = better) the times are the same and pool A will be going first
Scores from week 2 have been inputted (and a few updated / fixed)
Athletes we are monitoring the situation closely and as of now all our events are under 200 people so CAN go ahead, but we'll be confirming with our host facilities that they're still ok with it. If the events do go ahead we will be more lenient on substitutions so that there is no pressure for those who don't feel comfortable or may be higher risk.

If required we can easily postpone season events as well as playoffs and will keep you updated as things progress. Do not hesitate to contact us help@league.fit with any thoughts or concerns.
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